Martin Chambi ‘the photographer who pioneered the Indigenista movement’

Martin Chambi is recognized as the first to genuinely photograph his own indigenous race as seen through the eyes of his fellow man.

Self-portrait of Martin Chambi, 1922

Self-portrait of Martin Chambi Wanya Picchu, 1943

During the years of 1920-1950, Chambi traveled Peru extensively photographing archaeological sites, native peoples and intimate moments of Andean life.

Wall of the five windows Wiñay Wayna, 1941

Rest in Q’Olloriti, 1935

Ezequiel Arce and his potato crop, 1939

Riders in the snow, 1934

Dennis Hopper (May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010)

“The man is clear in his mind but his soul is mad.” Dennis Hopper

Captain Willard is met by Dennis Hopper; the maniacal photojournalist, who attests to the wacky innuendoes of war, politics, and life.

Apocalypse Now (chapter 15, Kurtz Compound) Francis Ford Coppola.